SPX has raised the bar on ripple rejection

Once again ripple rejection (PSRR) has been the most difficult to make of all our data sheet measurements. After making a (fourth) measurement fixture because of high frequency feed-through, we have a new set of measurements for a new generation of regulators.

Here is what we measured, where higher numbers represent better rejection, thus less ripple that gets to the regulator output:

Ripple rejection comparison
Keep in mind that 120dBV represents 1µV and 100dBV is 10µV of ripple at the output.

The test is done as described below using ±0.5V sine wave on top of 15Vdc. Notice that SPX reduces ripple by 120dBV at 80KHz, unrivaled in the world as far as we know!

Our customers' comments that their systems sound better with Superpower are backed up by measurements—order one to hear for yourself, it really is this good.

To see all the details with spectra, see this page with comparison graphs.

The source fixture uses a DC+AC driver using an op amp servo feeding a low impedance MOSFET to deliver a good sine wave on top of a DC voltage.

Ripple rejection test source schematic

We did direct comparison measurements by setting up the fixture, setting Vin and frequency and plugging in each of the regulators in turn. Testing was done with no load. A 16 bit 195K sample/second autoranging A/D was used for the FFT measurements. Measurements were made from 55Hz to 80kHz. Of course we use our regulators to power the circuitry to test our regulators!

The king is dead,
long live the King!

SPX has replaced SPZ

  • Variable output 5V to 30V
  • World's lowest output impedance
  • Better ripple rejection (135dBV@60Hz!)
  • Faster step response
  • Same low noise
  • Same TO-220 size physical form factor
  • No thermal pad needed
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SPHP—1000 Watts for your music server!

SPHP, a 10A Superpower with adjustable output voltage from 5V to 100V

  • Same low noise
  • Same blazing step response
  • Same great ripple rejection.
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Build a power supply

A PCB and parts list for building a compact dual positive or positive+negative power supply are on this new page.

Transformer Calculator!

Use the Belleson Transformer Calculator to calculate the minimum Vrms voltage of a transformer for your Superpower based supplies.

It's Official

We're proud to announce the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has granted patent 8,294,440 to the Superpower design.

Use the Superpower regulator in...

  • Headphone amps
  • DACs
  • Buffers
  • Clocks and reclockers
  • Preamps
  • Microphone preamps
  • Phono stages
  • Phono motors
  • Tube preamps and input stages
  • Line powered guitar effects boxes
  • Anywhere an extremely clean, quiet, dynamic power source is needed