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We are committed to provide you with the best possible product and service. We can provide small or large quantities of Superpower regulators, given adequate lead time for procurement, assembly and testing.

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In honor of Jim Williams and Sam Wilensky

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About the Designer...

Superpower was designed by an Electrical Engineer with circuit design experience dating to 1971, when he designed his first reverb unit with a ceramic phono cartridge, 4 ball point pen springs, a model car hub cap, a small transistor amplifier and a speaker.

He was author of a somewhat controversial article in issue 1 of Glass Audio called "A Self-Bias Servo for Push Pull Amps", and has designed circuits as varied as a cascode tube preamp, an 18 bit D/A converter, a 16 bit A/D converter, a diamond tester, a caller ID adapter, a high speed (for the time) CMOS digital character generator, op amps, voltage regulators and more. He also spent a portion of the 1980s designing test equipment for op amps, data converters, micromachined sensors and other analog and mixed signal devices.

In the early 1990s he started and sold a commercial software company, started a company making caller ID systems and software components. Later that decade he wrote a book The Fundamentals of Mixed Signal Testing which covers analog and DSP techniques for measuring and testing analog and mixed signal devices, and its accompanying training software.

He holds U.S. patent 8,294,440 on the Superpower design.

SPZ is here!

SPZ, a small 3A SPJ replacement that fits into the space for a monolithic TO-220.

  • Same low noise
  • Same blazing step response
  • Same great ripple rejection
  • More current: 3A
AND it's small enough to directly replace a LM1117 or LM7805! Order now from our store.

SPHP—1000 Watts for your music server!

SPHP, a 10A Superpower with adjustable output voltage from 5V to 100V

  • Same low noise
  • Same blazing step response
  • Same great ripple rejection.
Just lots more current and much higher output voltage. Now for sale on our order page See more information in the data sheet here.

Authorized Upgrade Centers

Always wanted to improve your system but modifying it makes you nervous? Now you can let a professional do it! Go to our Authorized Upgrade Centers page to find companies that can replace your existing regulators with Belleson Superpower.

Build a power supply

A PCB and parts list for building a compact dual positive or positive+negative power supply are on this new page.

Transformer Calculator!

Use the Belleson Transformer Calculator to calculate the minimum Vrms voltage of a transformer for your Superpower based supplies.

It's Official

We're proud to announce the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has granted patent 8,294,440 to the Superpower design.

Use the Superpower regulator in...

  • Headphone amps
  • DACs
  • Buffers
  • Clocks and reclockers
  • Preamps
  • Microphone preamps
  • Phono stages
  • Phono motors
  • Tube preamps and input stages
  • Line powered guitar effects boxes
  • Anywhere an extremely clean, quiet, dynamic power source is needed