What's behind YOUR music?

Belleson has the broadest array of voltage regulators in the industry. You can have a super high performance regulator for your system, whatever voltage or current it requires!

Superpower has noise less than 1ppm/°C, or about 10µV for Vout=12V (SPHP slightly higher) Ripple rejection is unparalleled and dynamic performance is legendary.

Today's equipment has the potential to deliver more fidelity, more clarity, better music. Belleson Superpower regulators let your audiophile system deliver its full potential with the stiffest, smoothest, quietest voltage regulator ever, to deliver music pure, transparent and brilliant.

SPZ is here!

SPZ, a small 3A SPJ replacement that fits into the space for a monolithic TO-220.

  • Same low noise
  • Same blazing step response
  • Same great ripple rejection
  • More current: 3A
AND it's small enough to directly replace a LM1117 or LM7805! Order now from our store.

SPHP—1000 Watts for your music server!

SPHP, a new 10A Superpower with adjustable output voltage from 5V to 100V

  • Same low noise
  • Same blazing step response
  • Same great ripple rejection.
Just lots more current and much higher output voltage. Now for sale on our order page See more information in the data sheet here.

What's so super?

Belleson combined two great ideas into an amazing symbiosis to create the latest advancement in super regulators. Bootstrap powered by its own clean and quiet output voltage, the Superpower has amazing line and load regulation, low noise, low drop-out voltage, low output impedance and super fast dynamic performance.

Superpower can replace voltage regulators in your audio systems and give you the jaw-dropping performance you desire, with

  • better overall performance than anything available
  • a standard TO-220 footprint of monolithic regulators
  • more current than any other aftermarket regulator

For technical background, see this page. For specific performance information, see the menu items. For listening evaluations, see the Comments page