Toddler's Browser

Do you have a toddler that wants to play on a computer? There are many fun sites for kids, but a standard browser has certain keys that "stop the game" and a toddler is likely to hit some of those key combinations. For example, the Backspace key goes "Back", or Tab activates the address bar or menu and the keys don't affect the browser page. Perhaps you have been called back to the computer by your toddler because "Daddy, Elmo stop." This will not happen with Toddler's Browser.

Toddler's Browser is a special "wrapper" for Internet Explorer that prevents most random keystrokes from interfering with a toddler's use of a web page. This software was created in 2003 when my daughter (in the picture) was 2. It opens full screen and does not allow a right click menu, traps escape, tab and other keystrokes like Alt-Tab. There is a small URL navigation button at the bottom that is difficult to accidentally press, and it has no other buttons, menus or controls. It remembers its own list of URLs. Close it with Alt-F4.

During installation, the keystroke trap may trigger a warning from your anti-virus software, you can ignore it. It stays in front of all other windows, so on occasion a site will open another window that is the active window but is not visible. In this case the only option is to close with Alt-F4. Sorry, but what do you want for free? :-)

Download the free Toddler's Browser (exe file, 681KB)

Toddler's Browser is completely free. As such, there is no support nor warranty.