What's behind YOUR music?

Is it the latest and greatest of the best? As of September 2013, Superpower has been improved with lower noise and more accuracy! Now noise is less than 1ppm/°C, or about 10µV for Vout=12V. DC accuracy is now specified at ±1% for confidence that you get the very best regulator available.

Today's equipment has the potential to deliver more fidelity, more clarity, better music. Belleson Superpower regulators let your audiophile system deliver its full potential with the stiffest, smoothest, quietest voltage regulator ever, to deliver music pure, transparent and brilliant.

What's behind your music?

Belleson combined two great ideas into an amazing symbiosis to create the latest advancement in super regulators. Bootstrap powered by its own clean and quiet output voltage, the Superpower has amazing line and load regulation, low noise, low drop-out voltage, low output impedance and super fast dynamic performance.

Superpower can replace voltage regulators in your audio systems and give you the jaw-dropping performance you desire, with

  • better overall performance than anything available
  • a standard TO-220 footprint of monolithic regulators
  • more current than any other aftermarket regulator

For technical background, see this page. For specific performance information, see the menu items. For listening evaluations, see the Comments page

SPM is here!
lower current,
lower price

Now for sale on our order page—a new 225mA Superpower SPM that is very small and just as quiet and dynamic and awesome as our other regulators. And for almost 40% less money!

Barely bigger than a TO-220 package, the SPM fits into small spaces, it's great for clocks, reclockers, DACs and other applications where low current and high performance are important. See a press release here.

Lower noise!

Our new lower noise Superpower has been shipping since September 1 2013.
It doesn't look different, but internal improvements give it one-third the noise (less than 1PPM Vout) and more DC and AC accuracy. The data sheet has all the latest specifications. You can get the new and improved Superpower right now on our order page.

Pegasus Microphone uses Superpower

ronin appliedsciences use Superpower in the exceptional and beautiful Pegasus professional studio microphone. See more information here and here.

Transformer Calculator!

Use the Belleson Transformer Calculator to calculate the minimum Vrms voltage of a transformer for your Superpower based supplies.

It's Official

We're proud to announce the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has granted patent 8,294,440 to the Superpower design.

Use the Superpower regulator in...

  • Headphone amps
  • DACs
  • Buffers
  • Clocks and reclockers
  • Preamps
  • Microphone preamps
  • Phono stages
  • Phono motors
  • Tube preamps and input stages
  • Line powered guitar effects boxes
  • Anywhere an extremely clean, quiet, dynamic power source is needed